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i think im gonna cry i just went to open house for school and i caNT BELIEVE I HAVE TO GO BACK TO THIS SHITTY PLACE sOME on e anYONE pls burn my school down

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Are you listening the music I made for you?

Sekai edit for my lovely Eden

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no escaping gravity

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So, I’ve been re-reading the Spiderwick Chronicles series because I feeling weird and nostalgic, but the amazing detail of the wings on the faeries made me want to do something similar. 

Some Spiderwick art here and here. *sighs* I love tony DiTerlizzi. 

Influenced by the style of 


please do not edit/reupload/use my artwork for commercial purposes. 

본 이미지의 이차가공, 상업적 사용을 금합니다. 


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cloud cap 


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kyungsoo + pastel asked by fernanda

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because chansoo is important

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